Nov 17, 2021

The 4 things that creative directors should keep in mind when asking designers to make revisions

As someone who has worked as a web director for many years, one of my main tasks is asking designers to revise websites and graphics.

Over the years, there are a few methods that I’ve come up with to make the process go more smoothly.

● I want to know the secrets to asking designers for revisions!
I want to know how to help my design team work more efficiently!
I want to know how to prevent my team from designing products that miss the mark…

If you’ve had any of these thoughts, this article is for you!

Here are my top 4 pieces of advice when requesting edits to websites and graphics.

1. Make sure to clearly explain the main goal

When asking designers to make edits, be sure to also tell them the overall goal of that task.

Who is the design for?
What kind of action do you want the viewer to take?
Just by clearly explaining the goal, you can help your design team increase the quality of their work, and make sure that they don’t accidentally produce things that don’t suit the target audience.

2. Convey your feedback as concretely as possible

As directors, it’s our job to support our design team and make it as easy as possible for them to work effectively.

By making sure that our directions are clear, and there isn’t any missing information, we can help our team work smoothly and stay focused.

3. Make the deadline and priority level clear

On a daily basis, designers deal with a variety of tasks, big and small.

To make it easier for them to stay on schedule, we directors need to be sure to communicate clearly about each task’s priority level and deadline. Staying on top of scheduling and delivering products in a timely manner is key to keeping clients happy.

4. Check how much time a task will take

When asking designers to make revisions, be sure to ask them how much time they estimate the task will take.
By doing this, we can help our team become more aware of the time it takes them to do different tasks, which can lead to more precise schedule planning.

However, it’s important just to ask about their estimate, and not to make them feel pressured to rush through the task.

As directors, we need to have a sense of how long a task will take, so we can keep our clients updated and make sure our team meets the deadlines.


To reiterate, 

● Make sure to clearly explain the main goal
● Convey your feedback as concretely as possible
● Make the deadline and priority level clear
● Check how much time a task will take

If we keep these four points in mind, we can help our design teams work as smoothly as possible.

Using proofing software like MONJI can also simplify some of these methods!
By writing feedback directly onto websites and documents, we can communicate clearly and quickly. The ability to add a deadline and priority level for each specific edit leads to better time management as well.

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