What is Re:MONJI?

In order to make MONJI a more useful service for all creators, we would like to hear your opinions about what functions we should add or improve. If you have any opinions such as "I wish MONJI had this feature", or "this function is hard to use", please post them here and we will work on making those improvements.

Improvements: 0

The "Re" of "Re:MONJI" refers to our valuable relationships with creators, the reputation that we've built on the reviews we've recieved from creators, the idea of reframing our ideas to create new value, continuing to reform our service, creating a revolution, and the rebirth of a new and improved MONJI.

We value your suggestions, no matter how small, and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

About questions and bug reports

If you have any other questions or have noticed any bugs in MONJI, please contact us.

There are no suggestions in English yet.