About Us


With the spirit of "ALAKI" in mind, each member of our team shares the same resolve to continue to grow and change as we pursue happiness and prosperity for ourselves and our families.
We strive to proactively work towards co-prosperity with our partners, to help our clients enjoy the valuable benefits of "Information Technology," and to contribute to the continued development of all stakeholders.


To create global web services to bring happiness to you and your family through your business.


ALAKI's six powers of Humanity, Design, Technology, Strategy, Speed, and Adaptability will lead the way to success for your business.


As humans, and also as business professionals, we are constantly working to better ourselves and our skills in order to bring you a high level of professionalism.


We believe that design plays an extremely important role in the process of creating new products and services. With design as the basis of our thoughts, we will bring new value to our clients' projects.


By pursuing cutting-edge technology and actively incorporating that technology into our business, we hope to enrich businesses worldwide.


In order to succeed in the business world, it's important to tailor your strategy to each individual situation.
ALAKI works to support businesses by proposing strategies that are customized to fit each client's unique situation.


We believe that the PDCA method is too outdated for the modern business environment.
At ALAKI, we act first, review the results, and then act again.
By repeating this cycle, we can produce the optimum results with the greatest effciency, and lead your business to success.


The business world is changing faster than ever before, and falling behind can quickly lead to the decline of a company.
ALAKI works to build businesses that can stand up to the demands of the present and move forward into the future, withough getting hung up on the sucesses of the past.


Company name

ALAKI Co.,Ltd.


October 2010


Yuji Yamauchi


Osaka Eki-mae No.3 Bldg. 2F-Room5,6
1-2-2 Umeda,Kita-Ku Osaka-City,Osaka Pref,530-0001Japan



Business description

・Planning, development, and sales of communication tools
・Development of various genres of IT/web services