Create revision requests for websites, images,
and PDFs from your PC or smartphone browser

Now you can create revision
requests in 1/5 the time!

What is "MONJI"?

MONJI is a service designed to speed up the process of requesting revisions to websites, graphics, and documents.
With MONJI, you can review and proofread websites and documents right from your browser.
There's no need to make phone calls, write e-mails, or waste paper on printing.
MONJI speeds up the communication between the people asking for revisions and those making the corrections, making it faster than ever to create quality products.

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MONJI is a service specially designed to create revision requests for websites and documents.
We've eliminated unnecessary management tools and chat functions, and made a simple, easy-to-use service.

* Recommended Browser: Chrome for PC, Safari for iPhone (iOS), Google Chrome for Android.
Other browsers have non-compatible functions.

Connected Tools

You can use MONJI alone, or you can connect it to a variety of project management tools and chat services.
Improve your work efficiency by connecting your favorite tools.
There's no need to switch over from the tools you're already using.

* More tools to be added in the future

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Get started instantly!

MONJI does not require any installation or setup.
You can use it as soon as you want to request revisions to a website or document.

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No member registration required / No installation required / No setup required / No tags required

Smartphone Compatible

MONJI can be used anytime, anywhere.
MONJI is compatible with smartphones, so you can even create revision requests on the go!
There's no need to spend time sitting at your desk in front of a computer.

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Speed up requests with voice input

MONJI is compatible with voice input from computers and smartphones.
Say goodbye to troublesome typing!

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One-click communication with "revision symbols"!

MONJI's revision symbols allow you to make common corrections with just one click.

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URL Input / File Upload

URL Input

To create a revision request for a website, simply enter the URL.
You can even mark up web pages that require passwords, include animations, or require loading time.

File upload

Just select the file you want to revise, and upload it.

Compatible file formats

* More file formats to be added in the future







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Creating a Revision Request

Precisely select objects with the area selection tool, marker tool, and revision symbols.

Add specific requests to each object with text input or voice input.

Rank tasks in order of prority, and set deadlines for each task.

Easily send your revision requests via your favorite chat and task management tools. No setup required.

Check the Revision Request List to see all of the the requested tasks at a glance.

Motivational Stamps, such as "Good Job!" and "OK!" will be added soon.

* Telling creators when they've done a good job increases their motivation, which will lead to better and better designs in the future!

Recieving a Revision Request

A creator recieving a revision request can easily check the instructions in their browser by clicking the URL.
Tasks you recieve are automatically added to your connected task management tools, so your schedule stays updated automatically.


MONJI has a variety of support functions so that users can comfortably enjoy its services.

Send us feedback

Use our feedback form to suggest features you'd like us to add and points we should improve.
You won't need to enter any personal information.

Animated Tutorial

If you're new to MONJI, check out our animated tutorial. You'll be making revision requests in no time!

Operating Manual

Read through our operating manual to learn more about how to use MONJI's functions.


Hover over the question marks to see tips for using MONJI.

Increase your efficiency
with e-mail registration!

By registering your e-mail address, you can access a list of all of your revision requests, and connect MONJI to external tools.
Of course, it's completely free. Give it a try now!

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The Story of MONJI

In the creative industry, requesting revisions to a website, graphic, or document was a long process that involved printing out the document, writing revisions by hand, scanning the document, and sending it via e-mail attachment.
Because of this, requesting revisions was time-consuming and ineffcient.

The creators who recieved the requests also had to decipher the handwritten notes, and misunderstandings occurred frequently.
When text had to be added, the creators would have to transcribe the handwritten notes. This took time and energy, and increased the chances of typing errors.
To prevent misunderstandings, revisions were sometimes requested over the phone. However, telephone calls interrupted the workfow of the crators, making it difficult for them to concentrate.

We noticed the significant loss of productivity due to inefficient communication, so we developed MONJI to eradicate communicaton errors in the creative industry.

We will strive to develop MONJI into a tool so useful, you'll even want to use it when requesting revisions from the colleague sitting right next to you.

The MONJI Development Team

Tell us what you think

The MONJI Development Team is still working to develop new ways to communicate within the creative industry.
Please tell us your opinions and requests so that we can improve our service.

Re: What is MONJI

In order to make the work of creators more speedy, we recruit valuable comments from everyone, such as "If convenient to have such a function" "This is hard to use",Here is a place to go publicly disclose the circumstances and improve.

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