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Introduction to MONJI.

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* Includes tools that will be connected in the future

What is MONJI?

MONJI is an online proofing platform designed to speed up the process of requesting revisions to websites, graphics, and documents.
With MONJI, you can review and annotate websites and documents directly from your browser.
There's no need to make phone calls, write e-mails, or waste paper on printing.
MONJI allows you to communicate precisely and efficiently with clients and co-workers, making it faster than ever to design quality products.

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MONJI is designed to make the review and revision process as streamlined as possible.
No unnecessary tools, no confusing functions.
Its easy-to-use interface allows users to start proofing right away.

* Recommended Browser: Chrome for PC.
Other browsers may not be compatible with all of MONJI's features.

Connect and Share

You can use MONJI on its own, or you can connect it to your favorite project management tools and chat services.
There's no need to switch over to a new management platform, or ask clients to sign up for a different messaging app. MONJI is compatible with the tools that you're already used to using.

* Includes tools that will be connected in the future

* More tools to be connected in the future

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Get started instantly!

No installation or setup required!
MONJI's user-friendly tools work right in your web browser.

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Proof content faster with voice input

Say goodbye to troublesome typing!
You can leave feedback through voice input as well as with text.

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Voice input image

One-click communication with Proofreading Marks!

MONJI's proofreading marks allow you to make common corrections with a single click.

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URL Input / File Upload

URL Input

To proof any website, simply enter the URL.
MONJI functions like digital sticky-notes, allowing you to leave feedback directly on the web page. You can even mark up web pages that are password protected, include animations, or require loading time.

File upload


Simply select the file you want to revise, and upload it to MONJI.

Compatible file formats

* More formats to be added in the future




(jpg / gif / png)







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Google Chrome extension
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Faster and smoother feedback-making becomes possible
by MONJI-izm.

“MONJI-izm” is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create a correction request immediately from the site you are browsing.“MONJI-izm” has succeeded in doubling the reading speed compared to conventional reading.You can install it easily and don’t need any complicated settings.Please enjoy “MONJI-izm”.

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Creating a Revision Request

Proofread with precision with the area selection tool, marker tool, and proofreading marks.

Add specific feedback to each object though text or voice input.

Rank edits in order of prority, and set deadlines for each task.

Share your revision requests via your favorite chat and task management tools. No setup required.

Check your Request List to see all of your requests at a glance.

Increase your designer's motivation with Motivational Stamps for positive feedback!

* Motivational Stamps will be added soon.

Recieving a Revision Request

A creator recieving feedback through MONJI can view the annotations simply by clicking the URL.

Tasks you recieve are automatically added to your connected task management tools, so your schedule stays updated.


MONJI contains a variety of support functions for a user-friendly experience.

Send us feedback

Use the feedback form to suggest new features or improvements.

Animated Tutorial

If you're new to MONJI, check out our animated tutorial. You'll be making revision requests in no time!

Operating Manual

Read through our operating manual to learn more about how to use MONJI's functions.


Hover over the question marks to see tips for using MONJI.

Start using MONJI today!

Simply register your e-mail address to being proofing sites and documents.
It's completely free, and we won't send you any unnecessary e-mails.

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The Story of MONJI

In the creative industry, proofing websites, graphics, and documents used to be a complicated process. To review a document and request changes, you had to print it out, write your revisions by hand, scan it, and e-mail it.
This workflow was time-consuming and ineffcient, and the communicating your feedback often took longer than making the actual revisions.

The designers and programmers who recieved the feedback had to decipher these handwritten notes, resulting in frequent miscommunications.
When there were handwritten requests to add more text, creators had to type the text out manually. This took time and energy, and increased the risk of typos and errors.
Sometimes clients and co-workers would make phone calls to relay their feedback, but without visual notes it was easy to lose track of some of the revisions that they requested. Frequent phone calls also interrupted designer's workflows, making it difficult for them to concentrate.

After noticing just how much productivity was lost to inefficient communication, we developed MONJI to eradicate communicaton errors in the creative industry.

It's so efficient that you’ll even want to use it to request revisions with colleagues sitting right next to you.

And with the recent increase in remote work, MONJI is an indispensable tool for sending feedback to anyone, anywhere.

The MONJI Development Team

Tell us what you think

The MONJI Development Team is still working to develop new ways to communicate within the creative industry.
We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so that we can continue to improve our services.


“I wish MONJI had this feature!”
“This function is hard to use…”

Have you ever had these thoughts while using MONJI?
If so, we would love to hear your suggestions about what features we should add or improve to make MONJI a more useful platform for all creators.
Please post your feedback on Re:MONJI, and our team will get to work on making those improvements.

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User Stories

Using MONJI has
increased our profits!
Website production
company manager


I run a website production company.
In the site development process, it’s essential for our team to request corrections in-house after receiving feedback from clients.
The process of requesting revisions by writing them down on paper or explaining them verbally was so inefficient, and I always used to think that there must be an easier way.
Because our business model requires a high degree of productivity, working as efficiently as possible is very important for our company to be able to increase profits.

I heard about MONJI from a colleague who also works in management. I thought it sounded like exactly the sort of platform that design companies like mine should use, and we began to test it out.
My staff immediately noticed what a difference MONJI made in their workflow. Sending design feedback within the company went so much more smoothly, and our work efficiency improved dramatically.
Personnel expenses fell as the staff didn’t need to put in as much overtime, and since they were able to stay focused on their work, our clients were more satisfied with the sites we produced.
MONJI really did help increase our profits!

I would definitely recommend MONJI to all companies in the creative industries.

I wish I'd known
about MONJI sooner!
Web director

I work as a director at a web design company, and I often have to ask designers to make revisions, or relay feedback from the clients to the designers.
At my company, we used to write these comments in a giant spreadsheet, but it was a time-consuming and ineffective way to convey information.

Since we had to explain what part of what page needed to be changed, as well as the description of how it should look, it was such a hassle each time we needed to correct an error or revise a design. I spent more time writing out instructions than I did actually focusing on the work that needed to be done.
Just when I was thinking "This is such a waste of time; we have to find a better way for our department to share feedback," I heard about MONJI, and gave it a try out of desperation.

Because you can load both sites and files into MONJI and write feedback directly onto the page, I don’t have to waste time explaining what part of what page to fix. It was well-received by the designers in my department too.

MONJI is a must for creative directors. I can get more work done in less time, and stay focused on keeping my design department running smoothly and on schedule.

My boss and I get along
so much better now!
Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I used to get so irritated every time my boss would write out revisions by hand, because then I’d have to type everything out.
There were often times that I couldn’t read my boss’ handwriting, so I started asking him to send me the revisions over our company chat app. But my boss just said that it was easier for him hand write the comments, and that typing things up was just part of my job. While I understood that it might be easier for my boss, it definitely wasn’t easy for us designers, and it was a huge waste of time and paper!

I happened to see some information about MONJI on Facebook, and thought it sounded worth a try.
After seeing how user-friendly it is, I managed to talk my boss into using it!

With MONJI, revisions and comments are very visual and easy to understand at a glance. I don’t have to deal with my boss’ messy handwriting, and my boss is happy that there are fewer typos and miscommunications.

If you're a designer who’s struggling with their boss’ requests like I was, I suggest giving MONJI a try!