Google Chrome extension

Faster and smoother feedback-making becomes possible by MONJI-izm.

"MONJI-izm" is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to create a correction request immediately from the site you are browsing.
"MONJI-izm" has succeeded in doubling the reading speed compared to conventional reading.
You can install it easily and don't need any complicated settings.
Please enjoy "MONJI-izm".

4 steps to introduction



Click "Install MONJI-izm" and install the extension for free on Chrome Web Store.

Install MONJI-izm

Pin the extension

After the installation is done, pin it to the extension toolbar.
Pin it so you can access it easily when in need.

Pin the extension

Capture a screenshot

Open a page on Chrome that you want to get a screenshot of and click the MONJI-izm icon on the toolbar. Capturing a screenshot will start.

Capture a screenshot

Completed screenshot capture

When capturing is done, the Create Request page on MONJI will open.

  • If a Create Request page is open while it's capturing a screenshot, a new page will be added to the open Request.
  • If a new Request is created, a new Create Request page will be displayed in a new tab.
Create a new request automatically

Four values of "MONJI-izm"

You can get a screenshot with a single click.
Just click the "MONJI-izm" icon to take a screenshot of the website you are currently viewing.
You no longer need to access MONJI and enter the URL.
No need to enter ID/PASS for basic authentication.
With "MONJI-izm," you can take screenshots of websites with basic authentication without entering ID/PASS.
You will be freed from the hassle of entering your ID/PASS!
You can take a screenshot with the accordion open.
You can now take a screenshot of the inside of an accordion, which was not possible with the conventional loading method.
Just click the "MONJI-izm" icon with the accordion open!
Screenshots can also be taken of pages after login, such as the administration screen.
Just click the "MONJI-izm" icon while logged in to the administration screen!