Dec 1, 2021

4 Essential Tips for Working from Home

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our company made the bold decision to switch entirely to remote work.

After nearly two years of remote work, our team has learned some valuable tricks to make working from home more enjoyable and efficient. For our blog post today, we’re sharing our top 4 tips for remote work.

1. Get outside

We’ve all become far more sedentary since the start of the pandemic, and when you work remotely, it’s easy to pass the day without even leaving your house.
Getting outside for a walk before and after work can be a great way to help your brain transition between relaxation-mode and work-mode.

2. Communication is key!

Clear communication is important in any workplace, and it becomes even more critical when your team is working remotely. Thankfully, there are a multitude of online tools to make sure that you all stay on the same page.
As a web design company, we often need to relay feedback about changes that should be made to a site or graphic design. To make this process as smooth as possible, we developed the MONJI proofing platform. MONJI allows you to annotate sites and documents as though you were writing on digital sticky notes. And we’ve released it for free, so now your team can benefit from it too! Try it out today at

3. Make time for team bonding

Don’t let physical distance split up your sense of team spirit! When we had a physical office, it was easy for our team to grab dinner together, or chat after work. Now that we work remotely, we still make time for friendly, non-work-related conversations on our lunch breaks, as well as a couple times a month after work.

4. Share both your mistakes and successes

In a physical office, it’s easier to have a sense of who is doing what, but when you work remotely, we can only know as much as our coworkers share with us. If someone makes a mistake, it’s important to share this information to help prevent other team members from making the same mistake. And if someone finds a new method that works well, sharing that information can help the whole team increase their productivity.


We hope that these tips can help you get the most out of working remotely.
If you have any other tips for remote work, we want to hear them! Tweet us at @monji_tech_en !


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