Jan 5, 2022

Design Trends of 2022

Happy 2022!
Welcome to the first MONJI blog post of the new year. We hope you had a nice holiday season, and that you’re feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into another year of creating excellent designs.

To start off our 2022 blog posts, we’ve compiled a list of our predictions for some of the most popular design trends that you’ll see this year.

The 90’s

After the last few years of 80’s nostalgia and vaporwave colors, it’s time to move on to the 90’s! Simple emojis, bright colors, effects that you would have seen on the internet 20 years ago; these things will be back on trend once again. There will also be a new wave of nostalgia for grunge styles and the Y2K era.

Simple frames

This ties in with the 90’s nostalgia trend. Expect to see simple frames around photos, often in bright colors.

Word art

Not exactly the same word art that we all used back in Microsoft Office, but you’ll be seeing lots of fun fonts and experimental lettering styles. Get creative; this year atmosphere will take priority over legibility.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts tend to be associated more with elegant, or high-end designs, but with the development of creative new serif fonts, we’ll see them used even in pop and casual situations.


Are you surprised to hear that anti-design may be one of the top design trends of 2022? Anti-design was originally a movement in Italy in the 60’s~80’s, but it’s making a comeback as a pushback to the strictly gridded designs we’ve become used to seeing in apps.


Tying in with anti-design, maximalism will be 2022’s response to minimalistic designs. Bold, complex illustrations and chaotic designs will catch people’s attention this year.


The Pantone color of 2022 is “Very Peri,” a logical next step after 2020’s Classic Blue and 2019’s Living Coral. Pantone says that this color choice reflects confidence, curiosity, creativity, transition, and the fusion of the digital and physical worlds.



What do you think of our predictions?
Are some of these trends things that you’d want to try implementing in your own work?
What other trends do you think we might see in 2022?

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