Nov 11, 2021

No more typos!
3 ways to eliminate typographical errors.

Welcome to the MONJI English Blog!
From now on we’ll be posting weekly, with the goal of sharing information that will be useful to designers and creative directors. 

For our very first blog post, we’ve compiled some tips to help with a common problem that everyone in any creative field has to deal with: typos.

Have you had any of these thoughts lately?

● People notice typos in my work all the time…
● The messages that I send to clients often contain typos…
● I’m really not good at proofreading…

If so, then this article is for you!

We’re sharing our top three tips for catching typos. These techniques don’t require any special skills or know-how, so you can start applying them and seeing results right away!

1. Print out documents and check them on paper

If you’re checking text on a website, it’s likely that you usually check for typos on the screen. I also used to check text exclusively on my screen, but a colleague suggested that it was easier to search for mistakes when the text is printed out on paper. I gave it a try, and was shocked by how effective it is! It’s easy to get used to seeing the same text on a screen as you’re designing a website, but printing it out on paper allows you to really look at the words with fresh eyes. (And it can give your eyes a break from staring at screens all day.)

2. Read text aloud

Most people are used to reading quietly in their own head, but reading aloud can be a great way to focus more carefully on the words that are actually there. Some people may be embarrassed to read aloud around their coworkers, but you don’t have to speak very loud for this method to be effective. A soft whisper, just enough so that you can barely even hear it, is enough to change the way you focus on the words, making it easier to spot mistakes.

And now that many of us are working remotely, you can read as loud as you want in your own home office!

3. Ask someone to help you check your work

No matter how much you concentrate, making mistakes is just part of being human. When you’ve spent hours working on the same page, your eyes start to see what you expect to see, not necessarily what’s actually written there. At this point, getting a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work is one of the best ways to proofread with precision.

And if they find some mistakes that require revisions, using a proofing platform like MONJI can help them share their feedback with you quickly and concisely. With MONJI, they can type feedback directly onto web pages and documents, creating a digital checklist for you to use as you make revisions. Sign up for free and see how MONJI can improve your teamwork and communication!

Did any of these methods surprise you?

Did you learn some new tips, or were these methods that you’re already putting into practice?

Do you have any other techniques for reducing typos?
If so, we want to hear from you! Tweet @monji_tech_en and share your tips for typo reduction.

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