Jan 12, 2022

Our 4 Favorite Task & Schedule Management Tools

Anyone in the web industry already knows that this is a very fast-paced field, with new tasks coming in each and every day. Effective task management and schedule management is absolutely essential in order to stay organized and meet your deadlines. It’s not an exaggeration to say that task management and schedule management are the keys to the success of a project.

In this week’s article, we would like to introduce our 4 favorite task management / schedule management tools. If you’re thinking of trying a new management tool but don’t know which one is right for you, we hope that this list can give you some ideas of where to start.

Our 4 Favorite Task & Schedule Management Tools


◆ Features
・ Chat function
・ Connect Asana to external tools to track your working hours
・ Flexible layout that can be customized to your liking

◆ Pricing
・Free for teams of up to 15 people
・Asana Premium starts from $10.99 per month.

Official site:

◆ Features
・ Highly customizable, you can freely change how items are sorted
・ Can be linked to Gmail and other external services
・ An abundance of extensions

◆ Fee
・Free for up to 2 seats.
・Paid plans start from $8 per user per month.

Official site:


◆ Features
・Includes a “like” button, and other functions that encourage team members to collaborate
・Visualize your project’s progress with a Gantt chart
・Eliminates errors by clearly displaying deadlines and who is in charge of each task

◆ Pricing
・Free for up to 10 users.
・Paid plans start from $35 per month
* Free trial for 30 days

Official site:


◆ Features
・Support for multiple projects, and customization of options within each project
・Create subprojects within a larger main project
・Define your own statuses and issue types within the tracking system
・Available in 49 languages

◆ Pricing
* Some plugins require a fee

Official site:

We have actually used each of these management tools in our daily work.
So which one is the best?
That depends on your own working style and the structure of your projects. Each of these tools has its own strengths and weaknesses. 

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you give each of them a try, and see what suits you best!

What is your favorite task & schedule management tool?
Do you have any suggestions for other tools we should try?
Let us know on social media! 

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